Scarp lies off the rugged and stunning North West coast of Harris, separated from the main Island by a narrow stretch of water. This quarter-mile expanse of water served as the Islanders lifeline to Harris but it could equally serve to prevent access to the outside world during the winter months, with gales preventing their boats from making the short crossing for weeks at a time.

North Harris hills from Scarp          Sea Eagle

The summit of Scarp at 1011 feet offers breathtaking panoramic views of the North Harris hills, St.Kilda and the nearby sea lochs of Lewis. From the same vantage point you might also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one of a pair of Sea-Eagles seen regularly in the skies above Scarp.

The 1881 census showed that 213 people lived on Scarp before the population declined to 74 in 1951 and the last family left the Island in 1971. In July 1934, Scarp was chosen as the location of a government experiment examining the possibility of transporting mail to remote Islands by rocket. The rocket project had very limited success and the experiment was soon abandoned when it's German inventor Gerhard Zucher returned home to help with Germany's V-rocket programme in world war two. Decades later this incredible story was turned into the movie "Rocket Post" filmed on the nearby island of Taransay in 2001.

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