• Payment. The price of the St.Kilda day trip for 2019 is £205 per person, to confirm your booking a deposit of £75 per person is required, with the remaining £130 to be paid on the day of the trip by cash or by card. Any discounts are applied at deposit payment stage so as all passengers (Inc children) will have a balance of £130 on the day of their trip, please contact us directly for a discount code if you have previously been offered one.
  • Refunds. If we are unable to run your booked trip deposits are returned in full within 10 business days, this will be done to the card you used with when you made your reservation - refunds can not be paid to another card. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details of our cancellation policy.
  • Location. St.Kilda trips depart from Leverburgh pier, South Harris, HS5 3UF please see our Getting Here page.
  • Which day. We never look further ahead than the next day with the St.Kilda trips, as such we are unable to advise passengers any further in advance of this. We will notify you as to which day your trip is running by sending an SMS message to your supplied number(s), we find this is the best method of contacting passengers and we will be in touch with you the morning prior to your two day window to let you know which day we are looking at - as such we do require mobile numbers, your numbers will be used for no other purpose than to notify you of your trip.
  • What time. Trips generally depart at 8am and we meet at 7.45am, on rare occasions we might bring trips forward by an hour or so to avoid weather, similarly we might delay departunre for the same reason. We would let you know in advance if we were looking to do this.
  • Weather/Cancellations. In the event of us being unable to travel to St.Kilda due to adverse weather conditions, deposits will be returned in full. If you are availble for a trip later in the week then we will try and accommodate you should there be spaces availble, the more availablity you have the better. We do try and make decisions on trips they day before, however on some occasions we will ask passengers to meet at the pier in the morning and a decision will be made there by the skipper.
  • Best time to visit. We generally get our better spells of weather early on in the summer, but in previous seasons this has also been the period where we have had our worst spells of weather. The weather in the Hebrides is very changeable and can see us cancelling trips at short notice, at any stage of the season. So I'm afraid it is impossible for us to advise on a 'best time' of the season to book a St.Kilda trip.
  • Double booking. We do not allow this without prior arrangement from us as this can see us running with empty seats on the second booked trip. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details of our cancellation policy.
  • Toilets. There are public toilets available on St Kilda and there is a toilet on board our boat. 
  • Food. There are NO catering outlets of any kind on St Kilda. Passengers must ensure that they bring their own food and drink with them for the day. Tea and coffee will be provided aboard the boat on your return to it in the afternoon, and you will also be given a slice of our delicious homemade gingerbread. 
  • Clothing. Parts of St Kilda are very exposed and as a consequence passengers are strongly advised to dress appropriately. If you choose to spend time on the deck of the boat during the journey this can also be very cold. Warm, waterproof clothing is essential as is sturdy footwear.
  • Maps. You will be given a map of St Kilda and a guide to the island before you disembark, you will also be met by the NTS ranger for a short safety brief on the Island. 
  • Camping trips. Unfortunately NTS have taken the decision to close the campsite on St.Kilda for 2019 until 1st June. This is due to the ongoing works on a section of the staff base at which is beside the campsite, and unfortunately there are no guarantees that the works will be completed by the 1st of June and access to the campsite restored. Please contact the National Trust for Scotland for further details.
  • Children. Children are permitted to travel to and from St. Kilda provided they are accompanied by an adult. We advise that parents/guardians give due consideration before taking a child on this journey and we would not recommend that children below the age of 12 travel. Please contact us if you require further details.
  • Age limit. Whilst we operate a policy of not recommending the St.Kilda trip for children under the age of 12, we do not have an upper age limit on passengers. However, the St.Kilda trip, and St.Kilda itself, does require passengers to be fit and well and have a good degree of mobility to partake in this trip. If unsure please contact us to discuss.
  • Pets. Due to the ecological fragility of St Kilda, there are very strictly no pets allowed. There are a couple folk in the Leverburgh vicinity who provide a 'dog sitting' service that we can put you in touch with, they are used regularly by our passengers and can be recommended.
  • What do you do in the winter. Switch my phone off, shut down emails, take 2 months off to recover from the season just gone, and another 2 months off to prepare for the next one coming!


Telephone: 01859 502007

Mobile: 07760216555

Email: seumas@seaharris.com

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Tripadvisor review May 2018
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"I am immensely grateful to Seumas and the crew of the Enchanted Isle. Vic declared it one of the greatest days of his life! The place is extraordinary. "
Bill Bailey - comedian, actor, author
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"A trip to St.Kilda was definitely one of the best trips in my life. I must reccommend Sea Harris - my experience is they are reliable, friendly, safe."
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